List of products by brand Matronae

6 Bottles Vino Matronae - Aglanico IGP (GustavW)
Of a ruby bright colour, similar to the garnet in its evolutionary phase, with strong smells of red fruits (cherries) and a spicy ending note. Dry body, tasty and pleasant for the palate. Served at a temperature of 16°-18° C.
6 Bottles Vino Matronae - Barbera IGP (con Turbante)
This Barbera belongs to a grape variety from the province of Benevento. Remarkable intense red color with purple shades. /ts aroma has an evident note of red fruits. The important, rich, and delicate taste of this wine highlights its strong personality Serve at 16°C.
6 Bottles Vino Matronae - Falanghina IGP (Avignon)
Of a straw yellow colour, of intense perfumes, fruity pineapple, apple, yellow fruits and flowers. Good sapidity on the palate balanced and well structured. A wine for every meal. Served at a temperature of 10°C.
6 Bottles Vino Matronae - Merlot IGP (Merylin)
From the best Merlot black berry vines, a red wine with ruby refiexes, rich aroma, which reminds of well-matured red fruits. Full body and soft taste, slightly tannic. Served at a temperature of 18°-20°C.
6 Bottles Vino Matronae - Sangiovese IGP (Kristiania)
A typical grape variety that belongs to the Italian Winemaker's tradition. A powerful red wine with a fruity aroma. It tastes soft, delicate, and enjoyable. Ideal with main courses, meat dishes, and cheese. Scrve at 14°C.
6 Bottles Vino Matronae - Sauvignon Blanc IGP (Monnalisa)
Straw yellow colour, balanced and of great olfactory complexity, fresh, with notes of jasmine flowers, sage and inches of fruity citrus. On the palate it is rich of exotic and citrusy shades. Sapid and persistent Served at a temperature of 10°-12°C